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  Catogory:Li-ion Battery/Battery Pack        Product Name:Li-ion Battery Pack 18650 14.8V 4.8Ah

1)For Li-ion 18650 14.8V 4.8Ah (71Wh side by side) battery
2)Voltage: 14.8V (working) 16.8V ( peak) 11.0V ( cut-off)
3)4800 mAh min. (71 wh)
4)Protection: One PCB (8 A) installed with the pack and protects the battery from
Overcharge (>16.8V)
Overdischarge ( < 11.0 V)
Over drain ( > 8 Amp)
Short circuits
5)Dimention: 147.32 x 71x 20mm (Length x wide x height)
6)Weight: 380 g
7)Application: Can replace most of NiMH battery pack for dive light can replace almost every bike lighting system on the market.

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